1. Registration

1.1 For registration on our site is enough to click, on the top right, on “log in” and a new tab will open.

1.2 In the window “Create an account” you can click “ Do not have an account yet? Create a new one here”.

1.3 On this page is important to specify the type of customer:

  • «FCA» when FCA orders and pays;
  • «OFFICIAL FCA IMPORTERS» when the importer orders and pays;
  • «DEALERS» if the customer orders and makes the payment.

Then you have to enter the personal data, email and the password that you prefer.

Below you have to check the box to accept the treatment of your personal data and click «Register».

The registration of personal data is completed and an email message will confirm your registration.
WARNING: after verification, the account will be activated within 24 hours.
You will receive the activation by email.

2. How To Log In

2.1 In the activation email, there is the address to go to the site with the account created.

You can log into the account going to the main page of the site and then to click on the word “log in” on the top right (see section 1.1).

2.2 On the next page you have to insert your email address and the password used for registration and to click on the green button ”log in”.

After login, you have to enter your company data in the address section (invoice address and delivery address).

3. Shopping Cart

          3.1 On the homepage, near to the word “Who we are”, there are some boxes with categories: by clicking on the relevant box the user will enter on the elements page that he can buy.

3.2 In the page the KITS and the single optional elements are shown in different pages. To do the purchase it is enough to click on the product, to read the description and to select “Add to shopping cart”.

NB: By clicking on the product, a page will open with all product characteristics, its components and its images.

4. Purchase

4.1 When you have to put all the elements in the “shopping cart”, to go to the order, you have to select "Proceed to checkout"; at this point the following pages will open:

   01. Summary – you find all the elements you want to buy;

       01.1 Then it will be possible, if you want, to ask the installation;

   02. Log in – To proceed, the login has already been made;

        03. Address – You can check if the address is correct and, if it is necessary, you can add
another delivery address by clicking on “Add a new address”.
A new page will open and you have to enter the new data and name the file;

        04. Shipping – In this page you can choose the shipping method;

        05. Payment – In this page you can choose the payment method.

          4.2 After confirming the payment method, click on "Send order". An email will be sent to you with all the details about the order.

5. Information Notes

When the orders have been confirmed and it will be able to proceed with the shipping, an invoice is generated.
If you need information or further clarification, you can send an email or contact us by phone. The telephone numbers are available on our site. It is enough to select the box “C
ontact” on the top right.

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